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EMFS: the Emergency Medical & Fire Solutions Group.

Welcome to EMFS. We provide a vast range of safety services for events and businesses, including training, equipment and personnel to cover the medical needs of any event. Our skilled team have been providing support for festivals, sports events, and concerts across the United Kingdom for over 15 years, as well as covering for ambulance services across London and the South East. Whether you need non-emergency patient transport or an experienced team for fire safety training, we are here to help. 

We are delighted to have received Good across all areas in our June 2023 CQC inspection... 

About EMFS

In 2020 EMC Medical Services and EFS came together to form one of the UK's largest fire, rescue and medical services providers. With over a century of combined experience in emergency and medical services, our directors are committed to providing high quality and cost-efficient fire and medical solutions from consultancy and equipment supplies to the supplying of crews, ambulances, boats, fire appliances and specialist equipment for any task and event in the region.

Based in Oxfordshire, we provide non-emergency patient transport across the area, alongside a range of other fire and medical services. We also provide emergency ambulances to many local authorities and regions, giving vital medical cover where it is needed most.

Contact us to arrange medical cover for your event, and help safeguard all people who attend.

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Event medical cover in Uk


Fire cover and fire protection consultants

We can provide comprehensive fire safety cover for events and venues across the UK. We have a fleet of fire engines and support vehicles, fully equipped and capable of delivering water in the same manner as any local authority fire service appliances.

We also provide full consultative services, such as seminars, training, risk assessments, and fire risk calculations, enabling event organisers to be fully informed about the risks and necessary measures concerning their event.

Call us on 01235 430466 to have an initial chat about your fire safety concerns, or fill in our form here to get in touch.

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Event medical cover in Uk


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Patient transport services

We provide both emergency and non-emergency patient transport across the UK, covering for NHS Trusts and Ambulance services across the UK when they need additional vehicles and staff. Our fully-trained and experienced staff members will ensure all patients receive the best level of care available, and that they are delivered quickly to their destinations.

Here at EMFS, we offer combined private emergency services:
Fire, Ambulance, and Coastguard across the region





Why Choose Us


We act as a private emergency service, providing emergency and non-emergency patient transport, fire services, and water safety services.


Our staff comprise qualified and experienced firefighters, paramedics, and medical professionals, with the knowhow and expertise to help in a wide range of emergency situations.



We are contracted by the NHS and Ambulance Service, providing cover for patient transport and paramedic services across the South East.


We are fully accredited to ISO 45001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, and are registered with the Care Quality Commission.